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in the rain and the green

Uncle Tusky
15 August 1973
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You have reached the online journal of Krystyn Wells, who resides in the Raleigh area of North Carolina, is a game designer, writer, actor, and QA grrl for games. Stay a while. Have a cookie. Say hi.


Please note: I am not Kristen Rutherford, and I am not behind Our Colony. :)

Wii Number:
3092 4957 8631 1612

Names under which I've posted to this journal:

glee in stasis
she who dreams in sepia
Slumpo McTired
Thursday Next
Citrus Sour
Susan Death
Chicago's Tour Guide
Lord Alfred Tennis, Anyone?
Erstwhile Dalang
Lux et umbra vicissim, sed semper amore (Light and shadow by turns, but always love.)
wellsie to the pants
krystyn with two ys

I live in Chicago North Carolina California North Carolina Maryland North Carolina.
17 year locusts, a-ha, acting, age of empires, alternate reality gaming, beggarstaff brothers, big hat, bisexuality, black phoenix alchemy lab, blinky lights, blue m&ms, books, bpal, bucktown, canoodling, cardenio, cats, century guild, chicago, chocolate, chowards violet candies, cloudmakers, coffee, count olaf, craque, crowded house, crystallized ginger, daniel handler, dark lipstick, deadgaymoo, diablo ii, discworld, doodling, downmoo, drawing, drinky things, edward gorey, evan chan, george harrison, gin and tonics, ginger, ginger altoids, glitter, grasset, green tea, harry potter, heraclitus, hockey, homestar runner, honesty, house of leaves, html, ilovebees, incense, indigo girls, jasper fforde, jawbreakers, jeanette winterson, journalcon, kanji, karma sutra, kisses, kopi cafe, l'occitane, lake shore drive, lambdamoo, lemons, lemony snicket, live music, lockjaw, lord of the rings, love, m. doughty, maggie estep, margie's candies, meisner, memoirs, meryn cadell, metacortechs, metacortex, moulin rouge, mst3k, music, my scarlet life, narnia, neil finn, nicholson baker, nostalgia, nutella, october project, online journals, opalmoo, over the rhine, painting, people watching, peppermint, performance art, peter gabriel, pez, philip pullman, pointy teeth, powerpuff girls, public play, queers, rabbit holes, rachel's, raspberries, reading, remembrances, robert girardi, rosewater, scarlet life, sex, silver spoons, singing, smart people, smooching, snogging, sony cybershots, sony mavicas, soul coughing, sour altoids, space ghost, strong bad, sushi, tears for fears, terry pratchett, the beatles, the bluetones, the cheat, theater, theatre, thursday next, tipping the velvet, toulouse lautrec, ukrainian village, unfiction, unreal tournament, ver sacrum, vfd, wasabi, why so serious, wicker park, william shakespeare, writing, xtc